Kaidan-in (Ordination Temple)


Kaidan-in was founded in the year Tempyo-Houji 5 (761) by Emperor Shomu’s imperial prayer as a temple to Kannon. Along with Todaiji Temple in Nara, and Yakushi-ji in Shimotsuke (Tochigi Prefecture), it was one of the ordination halls of the Japan, called the Western Ordination Hall. Without receiving an ordination here, one could not be recognized as an official monk or nun. After many difficulties, High Priest Jianzhen of Tang Dynasty China arrived in Japan, and when he did so, he visited here. The principal object of worship is an image of Vairocana-Buddha from the late Heian era, a designated Important Cultural Property. During the Edo era it distanced itself from the worship of Kannon, becoming a Zen temple instead. There is a linden tree that commemorates Jianzhen’s visit, which flowers in early June 6, and many visitors are enchanted by its elegant scent.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 818-0101 福岡県太宰府市観世音寺5-7-10
Address 5-7-10 Kanzeon-ji, Daizaifu City
Telephone Number 092-710-1351
Contact Sightseeing in Dazaifu-shi government office general affairs department interchange section
Access 11 minutes’ walk from Nishitetsu Gojo Station on the Daizaifu Line

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