Michi no Eki Usui Roadside Station


Starting with fresh vegetables and fruit, Michi no Eki Usui Roadside Station features an array of safe and healthy foods such as local premium Kaho Beef, rice, and about 200 different fresh fish caught in the Genkai Sea and the coast of Goto (fish can be made into Sashimi by request).
It also has a range of ample restaurants as well as vending stands. Every restaurant like the bakery is equipped with a Spanish stone oven.There is also a sweet shop, wheat and buckwheat noodles shop (its selling point is ”Quick, Delicious, and Reasonable”), and an octopus dumpling shop (octopus cut into large pieces is their pride) is authentic and popular.
Michi no Eki Usui Roadside Station is a suitable place for family vacations and shopping on holidays.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 820-0502 福岡県嘉麻市上臼井328-1
Address 328-1 Kamiusui, Kama City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0948-62-4400(道の駅うすい)
Contact Mich no Eki “Usui” Roadside Station
Open 9:30am - 6:30pm.
Closed The third Wednesday of the month (in the event that Wednesday is a National Holiday, the following day will be a holiday as well).
January 1 - 3.
Price Kaho Beef Sirloin Steak (100 grams) - From 780 Yen.
Kaho Beef Fillet Steak (100 grams) - From 800 Yen.
Kaho Beef Sliced Sirloin (100 grams) - From 580 Yen.
Various Grilled Kaho Beef (100 grams) - From 430 Yen.
*The above prices are for reference only.
Car Park Available; 175 vehicles.
Access 15 minute drive from JR Tento or Keisen Station on the Chikuho Line.
Website http://www.michinoeki-usui.jp

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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Roadside Station Roadside Station

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