Former Miike Coal Mine Railroad Site


The Miike Coal Mine Railway was built for the transportation of coal from each pit mouth, materials for mining, and products from factories that constituted a coal-chemistry complex. The railway stretched a combined total length of approximately 150km at its peak, and it also played a role of means of commuting for the miners.
Currently, most of the disused track lines have been removed, however, you still can see structures such as railroad beds and brick-built bridge girders that were in use those days.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県大牟田市
Address Shinkomachi, Omuta City
Telephone Number 0944-41-2471(大牟田市 観光おもてなし課)
Fax Number 0944-41-2472
Open The railroad beds can be overviewed from a bridge next to the former Miyahawa Mine. Also, a bridge for the railroad traffic remains across Suwa River.
The visitors can observe the exteriors of currently operating electric locomotives at the Miyaura Coal Mine Memorial Park and other places.
Access Located at a 15 minute-drive from Omuta Station.

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