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There was ever one Kurosaki castle of the edge of Fukuoka-jo Castle castle by ””Shiroyama another name on this mountain called the Mt. Dohaku. Nagamasa Kuroda who joined the Chikuzen country as a daimyo of 52 Mangoku by the success of the war of Sekigahara in 1600 (Keicho 5) started construction of Fukuoka-jo Castle from six years, the following day. In addition, I built six edges castle including this Kurosaki Castle during 15 years to strengthen the defense of the border at the same time. I appointed one, 井上周防之房 of Kuroda 24 horse men as the lord of a castle in Kurosaki Castle. However, the castle slightly finished the duty by a one state or one castle law of the Shogunate in ten several years in 1615 (Genna 1).
 A stone wall is slightly left on the mountaintop now.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 806-0006 福岡県北九州市八幡西区屋敷1-9 城山緑地公園
Address 1-9, Yashiki, Yahatanishi Ward, Kitakyushu City Shiroyama green tract of land Park
Telephone Number 093-642-1441(八幡西区役所総務企画課)
Contact Yahatanishi-ku government office general affairs Planning Division
Fax Number 093-621-0862
Access For ten minutes, it is a 20-minute walk by taxi from JR Kurosaki Station
Website http://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp/yahatanishi/file_0026.html

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