Gosyogadani God basket stone


Neighborhood approximately 3km to be located in the southwestern part of Yukuhashi-shi, large-scale Yamashiro remains of 350,000 square meters in area. I am told that I was built for invasion of Tang and Silla in the about seventh century and am appointed on the historic spot of the country. Fieldwork of approximately 5 meters in height rotates at the periphery of the castle, and the stone water gate which serves as arranged line stone and drainage and defense, and was built is characteristic of the basics of fieldwork. The castle wall of the gate built between the main gate and the main house of the palace-styled architecture in the Fujiwara period with the passing water groove conveys a superior engineering works technology 1,300 years ago in now. In addition, there are a mountain stream and beautiful Sumiyoshi Pond in the remains and can feel the history and romance in rich natural environments.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県行橋市大字津積
Address Tsutsumi, Yukuhashi City - Katsuyamaokubo, Miyako Town, Miyako County, Saigawakiyama district
Telephone Number 0930-25-1111(行橋市文化課)
Contact Yukuhashi-shi Board of Education culture section
Fax Number 0930-25-1582
Access It is a 30-minute walk from Tsutsumi getting off by sun traffic bus by car by car by car from Yukuhashi-shi from Kyushu Expressway Fukuoka IC from JR Chikuho Main Line Shin-Iizuka Station from JR Nippo Main Line Yukuhashi Station for approximately one hour 40 minutes for approximately 40 minutes for approximately 30 minutes

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Kitakyushu Area
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