Rows of red-and-white torii at Mt. Araji


Red and White Torii Gates Lined Up on Mt. Araji, Overlooking Spectacular Scenery!
One of the highlights of Mt. Araji in Fukutsu City is the red and white torii gates that stand side by side at an observation point and the ocean that stretches out beyond them!

These torii gates belong to Kotohira-jinja Shrine, located at the foot of the mountain. At an altitude of 249 meters, it is an easy climb, so we recommend also taking the roughly 1.5-hour-long trail that runs along the ridge to the 182-meter-tall Mt. Miyaji and descends to Miyajidake-jinja Shrine.

If you visit Miyajidake-jinja Shrine, you'll definitely want to see the mystical "Path of Light," which appears for only a few days in February and October. At dusk, when you look down at the approach from the top of the stairs, the sun setting over the sea lines up with the shrine path.

During this period, paid viewing seats where you can sit and enjoy the spectacular view after praying are set up along the approach.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県福津市在自付近
Address Near Araji, Fukutsu City
Telephone Number 0940-42-9988((一社)ふくつ観光協会)
Contact Fukutsu Tourism Association
Car Park None
Access Disembark from JR Fukuma, 10 minutes by taxi.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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