Namiori-jinja Shrine’s Surfing Rabbit


This shrine located in Fukutsu City’s Tsuyazaki district enshrines 3 deities: Sumiyoshi Myoujin, Shika Myoujin, and Kifune Myoujin. Seoritsu-hime is enshrined here, and this shrine is said to raise visitors’ fortune. A secret sacred place, there is a ’wave-surfing rabbit’ statue that was dedicated to the shrine in 1866. Every year in July, the ’Tsuyazaki Gion Yamakasa’ (a city-designated Intangible Cultural Property) is performed, where visitors are privileged to see the ’yamakasa’ (a festival float) decorated with Tsuyazaki dolls. The float racing through the narrow streets is a jaw-dropping sight.

All year long

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 811-3304 福岡県福津市津屋崎4-33-1
Address 4-33-1 Tsuyazaki, Fukutsu City
Telephone Number 0940-42-9988((一社) ふくつ観光協会)
Contact Fukutsu City Tourism Association
Access Disembark at JR Fukuma Station and then ~10 minutes by taxi

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