Tanga Market


The Tanga Market has 100 years of history; in the Taisho Period it started as an unloading area for fish. After that, vegetable sellers from the region began gathering here, and the conditions for a marketplace were met. Over 220 stores join together here to form a market that is always bustling with activity. *Collect stickers to exchange for cash vouchers, bus cards, movie/book tickets.
You can also deposit money in the bank. You can provide your name and address on some cardboard to receive direct mailing about sales. Many carts come out during the Wasshoi Hyakuman Festival. There are also big year-end sales along with the shopping streets.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 802-0006 福岡県北九州市小倉北区魚町4-2-18
Address Uomachi, Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu City
Telephone Number 093-521-4140(旦過市場事務所(17:00まで))
Contact Tanga Market Office (until 17:00)
Fax Number 093-953-7180
Open 10:00-18:00 (varies by store.
On December 31st, 7:00 - until items are sold out.)
Closed Varies by store
Car Park None
Access Monorail ”Tanga Station”/
Nishitetsu ”Tangabashi Quest-mae”
5 minutes from Kitakyushu Urban Expressway
Katsuyama Ramp
Website http://www.tangaichiba.com/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


Kitakyushu Area
Direct Sales, Markets & Morning Markets

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