Michi no Eki Buzen Okoshikake

道の駅 豊前おこしかけ

Michi no Eki Buzen Okoshikake is located near the point where Route 10 (which runs through Buzen City) and Shiida Route cross, and is covered with a 1,200-square-meter (12,920-square-feet) large roof. Here, village visitors can enjoy an original meal made with seafood and wild vegetables. It also features vending stands of local goods and provides local information.
Michi no Eki Buzen Okoshikake was built based on the concept of having the most consideration for people with disabilities, seniors, and children in Japan. Therefore, it has become quite popular.

*Local products: Fresh vegetables and fruits
*About the Building: Opened on March 4, 2000; area - 16,530 square meters (about 177,900 square feet)
*Accessibility: Priority parking for persons with disabilities; wheelchair-accessible bathrooms; guide dogs permitted

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 828-0011 福岡県豊前市四郎丸1041-1
Address 1041-1 Shiromaru, Buzen City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0979-84-0544(道の駅「豊前おこしかけ」)
Contact Michi no Eki Buzen Okoshikake
Fax Number 0979-84-0545
Open Bathrooms and rest areas: Available 24 hours a day
Vending stands: 8am - 7pm (Summertime); 8am - 6pm (Wintertime)
Car Park Available; 86 vehicles.
Access By car - A 10 minute drive from JR Unoshima Station.
By train - A 15 minute walk from JR Buzenshoe Station.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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