Wakita Onsen Yunozen no Sato

脇田温泉 湯乃禅の里

A secluded area in Fukuoka with rich nature where you can enjoy 9 different types of hot springs and private baths.

Yunozen no Sato, the hotel's signature hot spring facility, is located on the grounds of Hotel Nansuikaku, along the gently flowing Inunaki River in a hot spring village rich in nature.
There are 9 unique open-air baths for both men and women, including "Kaguyahime no Yu," a rock bath surrounded by bamboo, "Kappa Tengoku," a "Shosuke no Yu," named after Shosuke Ohara, a well-known drunkard, and "Water Wheel Bath. Every Wednesday, the men's and women's baths are switched so that visitors can enjoy a different atmosphere than usual. A restaurant and rest area are also available.
The family bath "Hidamari," consisting of five private indoor baths, is also popular and recommended for families. It is the perfect spot to spend a relaxing time in an open space. Wakita Onsen is about an hour's drive from Fukuoka City and Kitakyushu, and is widely known as a popular hot spring resort in the backcountry of Fukuoka. It is conveniently located, so why not stop by on a drive?

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 822-0133 福岡県宮若市脇田507
Address 507 Wakita, Miyawaka City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0949-54-0123(楠水閣(なんすいかく))
Fax Number 0949-54-0198(楠水閣(なんすいかく))
Open Summer (April 1 - October 31) 10:00am-11:00pm
Winter (November 1 - March 31) 10:00am-10:30pm
Last admission is 10:00pm.
Closed Closed on the same days as those of the inn
Wednesdays (Tuesdays and Thursdays in some cases)
Price 【Admission】
Adults 850 yen, children (3 years old - elementary school student) 450 yen, children (0 years old - under 3 years old) 100 yen
Free for those staying at Nansuikaku
【Bathing + Meal】 Meal set (Restaurant "Yunohana") 1,800 yen
※For more information about the family bath "Hidamari", please visit the official website.
Car Park This is for Kusuikaku (overnight stay) guests only.
*This service is not available for guests using the drop-in baths.
Access JR Kyushu Bus: Get off at Nansuikaku-mae bus stop, a short walk
About 15 minutes from Wakamiya IC on Kyushu Expressway
Website https://www.nansuikaku.com/en/

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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