Inamitsu: Sunflower field in autumn

稲光 秋のひまわり畑

Autumn "40 Days of Sunflowers" coloring rice paddies after harvest

It is not summer but "autumn" when about one million sunflowers bloom their bright yellow flowers in the rich rice paddy fields in the western part of Miyawaka City.
Here in the Inamitsu district of Miyawaka City, the sunflower fields are in full bloom from mid-October to early November, when they are at their best.
Why do sunflowers come into full bloom in autumn, when they usually bloom in summer? The secret is a variety called "40-day sunflowers. As the name suggests, they bloom about 40 days after the seeds are planted. The seeds are sown by the local Inamitsu Rural Conservation Association in the rice paddies after the rice harvest is over, so the flowers come into full bloom in autumn, providing a spectacular view of a rare autumn field of sunflowers. Because of their rarity, they have even been featured on national news.
When the 70-cm tall sunflowers are in full bloom, it is as if a yellow carpet has been spread over the entire area. The Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train runs nearby, so if your timing is good, you can take pictures of the train running through the field of sunflowers, making this a photo spot not to be missed by railroad fans.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 822-0144 福岡県宮若市稲光
Address Inamitsu, Miyawaka City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0949-55-9090(宮若市観光協会)
Event Days Example year: mid-October to early November
Car Park Available
*Please use Inamitsu Community Center (801 Inamitsu, Miyawaka City) or Miyawaka Torledge (former Wakamiya West Elementary School ground: 11-1 Miyanaga, Miyawaka City).
*Please do not park on the street.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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