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Toshima Old House building was built in 1828 as a retreat for clansman Kanetomo Yoshida, and used as a place for the tea ceremony. It is an example of Japanese buildings called Sukiya architectural style with a reed thatched roof(Ashibukiyane). After the abolition of clans and establishment of prefectures, it was used as a private house. The building and the garden were designated as cultural assets. It is known as an example of a Samurai residence in a riverside district,Yanagawa- city. Roadside canals let water flow to the garden. The feature of the garden is primary focused on a water current with the tea ceremony(people usually sit down and enjoy the beauty of the garden). The house was a officially designated beauty spot, restored in 2004, and it is now opened to the public.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 832-0067 福岡県柳川市鬼童町49-3
Address 49-3, Ondou Town, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0944-73-9587(旧戸島家住宅)
Contact Toshima Old House Building
Open Hours: 9am-5pm.
Closed Tuesdays (Wednesday becomes holiday when Tuesday is a national holiday).
The New Year.
Price Admission fee: 100 yen * Free for elementary school students.
Car Park Parking is available.
Access By train: Take Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta line until Yanagawa station.
At the station take the bus until Ohanamae bus stop or Suitenguiriguchi bus stop. It is a 2 minute walk.

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