Lucky charms with spinning eyes Yanagawa-dako (Yanagawa Kites)

目玉が回る縁起物 柳川凧

”Yanagawa-dako” (Yanagawa Kites) are a folk craft that has been passed down since the Edo period in Yanagawa City, and they are also used as lucky charms for the New Year.
There are 7 types of Yanagawa-dako, and they are made with Japanese paper and bamboo. The most popular type is the ”Megaeshi-men” which is a trick kite that has eyes that spin when wind hits the kite. They are also called ”Kintoki-dako” because they resemble a red-faced Kintoki.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 832-0077 福岡県柳川市筑紫町86
Address 86 Chikushimachi, Yanagawa City
Telephone Number 0944-72-5123(制作者 坂田信義)
Contact Creator: Nobuyoshi Sakata

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Chikugo Area

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