Itoshima “Oyster Alley”


The signature winter event around Itoshima’s fishing ports is the start of “Oyster Shack Alley”. Every year from November through March around the Fukae, Fukuyoshi, Funagoe, Kafuri, Kishi Shinmachi, and Nogita Fishing Port areas that dot the coastline of the Itoshima region, 26 of these “Oyster Shacks” run directly by fishers are simultaneously open for business! Starting with freshly landed oysters, the shacks offer turban snails, squid, and other seafood, which is usually cooked barbeque-style over individual charcoal grills.
1kg (2.2lbs) of oysters (12-13 oysters) is only 800 Yen (prices vary from shack to shack, but all of the seafood is relatively inexpensive)! Some shacks allow diners to bring in their favorite drinks, seasonings, or rice (meat is not, however, permitted). There is no need to worry about the cold in these cozy shacks with their open grills, but do watch out for the ash that drifts in the air and the bubbling juice that leaps from the piping hot oyster shells! Visitors are encouraged to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty, and some of the shacks even lend diners windbreaker jackets to eat in!

※ Shack operating season/hours, rules, and prices vary.
※ The map below is close to Kishi Shinmachi Fishing Port; please visit the website for maps/contact numbers of shacks in the Fukae, Fukuyoshi, Funagoe, Kafuri, and Nogita Fishing Port areas.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県糸島市
Address Around Fukae, Fukuyoshi, Funagoe, Kafuri, Kishi Shinmachi, and Nogita Fishing Ports in Itoshima City
Telephone Number 092-328-2311(糸島漁業協同組合)
Contact Itoshima Fishery Cooperative
Fax Number 092-328-2313
Open 10am - 5pm
※Varies from shack to shack
Closed November - End of March
※Varies from shack to shack
Price Charcoal (at oyster shacks): 300 Yen/grill
Oysters: 800 Yen/kg (2.2lbs)
※Prices of other seafood vary from shack to shack
Access Area around the Kishi Fishing Port:
By car - A 15 minute drive via Prefectural Highway 57 towards Kafuri from the Maebaru IC off Nishi Kyushu Expressway OR take Route 202 to the Maebaru Nishimachi Intersection and turn towards the former Shima Town, then head straight towards Keya at the Kafura signal for about 15 minutes

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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