Endangered Species Ogura Kohone


Ogura kohone is a perennial from the water lily family which can be seen at ”Asoike Pond” in Ikenoyama Camp Ground of “Hoshino Furusato Park.” Ogura kohone is designated as a prefectural natural treasure, and also published in the Red Data Book of the Ministry of the Environment. The stem comes out from the surface of the water and from that, pretty yellow flowers bloom. Since long ago, ”Asoike Pond” has been the object of belief for prayers for rain. There is also a legend saying that an evil dragon was turned into kohone.

Peak is from August to September

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 834-0201 福岡県八女市星野村(麻生池)
Address (Asoike Pond) Hoshino mura, Yame City
Telephone Number 0943-52-2082(池の山キャンプ場)
Contact Ikenoyama Camp Ground
Car Park Yes (about 200 spaces)
Access 20 minute walk from Ikenoyama Mae bus stop on the Horikawa Bus
Website http://www.hoshinomura-ikenoyama.com/camp.html

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