Natural incense woven with cedar and laurel, powdered incense

杉と水車が織り成す 天然線香 杉の粉線香(馬場水車場)

The incense sticks made oflocal Japanese cedar leaves are produced at Baba watermill factory which located at Kamiyokoyama of Joyomachi Yame City is along prefectural route 70.It is one of the only remaining two factories of these traditional and natural incense sticks in Japan. The process of these hammered into soft powder by a 5.5m long watermill and 10 mortars(60kg of weight per one)is spectacular !

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 834-1101 福岡県八女市上陽町上横山1241-2
Address 1241-2 Joyomachi Kamiyokoyama, Yame City
Telephone Number 0943-54-3586
Contact Baba Suishaba

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Chikugo Area

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