Chikushi-jinja Shrine Konjo-zakura

筑紫神社 根性桜

Cherry blossom trees bloom from October to March within the grounds of Chikushi-jinja Shrine. The images of ”blooming cherry trees” bring students here to pray before their examinations. During autumn, the contrast of the yellow ginkgo leaves is splendid. Chikushi-jinja is the oldest historical shrine within the city of Chikushino; on the 15th of March every year, the ”Kayu-ura-matsuri” (designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of Chikushino) is held, an event in which the mold that appears on a bowl of rice porridge is used to determine whether the year’s rice/wheat harvests will be good or bad.

From October to around March

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 818-0024 福岡県筑紫野市原田2550
Address Inside the grounds of Chikushi-jinja Shrine
Telephone Number 092-926-5443(筑紫神社)
Contact Chikushi-jinja Shrine
Car Park 100 parking spaces within the grounds of Chikushi-jinja Shrine.
Access 10 minute walk from JR Haruda Station.

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Fukuoka Area
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