Massively Delicious Mizumaki’s Huge Garlic

でっかいおいしさ 水巻でかにんにく

Almost 5 times the size of normal garlic, this huge garlic is about the size of a very large onion. It is unique in that it has very little odor. A blessing of the Onga River which lazily winds through the Onga Plains, the Mizumaki region, said to be the birthplace of rice cultivation, is rich with alluvial soil; garlic is slowly grown in the fertile soil and warm climate here. Nearly odorless but rich in nutrients, this garlic is sticky and juicy. Mizumaki produces many goods using this huge garlic, such as miso, etc.

Time period: July to October

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 807-0051 福岡県遠賀郡水巻町立屋敷3-16-1
Address 3-16-1 Tateyashiki, Mizumaki Town, Onga County, Fukuoka-ken
Telephone Number 093-201-4321
Contact Mizumaki’s Huge Garlic Association Business Office (Within Mizumaki Town Hall Planning and Finance Department)

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Kitakyushu Area
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