Neko (Cat) Castle and Tsukise Hachiman Shrine


"Neko Castle" is a mountain castle built in the Muromachi period. It is said that the castle was named Neko (Cat) Castle, because of its environment people feel at battles. “When an enemy attacks, we feel the mountain becomes higher than usual, and when we attack the enemies from the castle, it seems lower. It’s just like a cat raising or lowering its back." As it is located at the  important location with a panoramic view of Munakata, Kurate, and Onga, it is believed that the Aso clan, who had strengthened their power around Onga District since the mid-15th century, built it as a stronghold. This Neko Castle was an impregnable fortress that never fell in the two battles. In the Edo period, Kuroda Tadayuki enshrined the spirit from Usa Shrine on the ruins of the abandoned Neko Castle, marking the beginning of "Tsukise Hachiman Shrine." Originally called "Neko Castle Hachiman Shrine," it was renamed to its current name of Tsukise Hachiman Shrine after the Tsukise River that flows through the precinct of Usa Shrine. The beautiful lilies blooming on the slopes of the ground of the shrine  every July are also worth watching !

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県中間市大字上底井野1696-1
Telephone Number 093-245-4665

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