Nokonoshima Island Park


A must-see spot on Nokonoshima where seasonal flowers bloom all year round and you can interact with animals.

Nokonoshima Island Park lies at the north end of Nokonoshima Island, an island of 12km in circumference in Hakata Bay. This nature park boasts around 30 varieties of flowers that bloom in different seasons throughout the year.
Nanohana, cherries and poppies in spring, sunflowers in summer, cosmos and changing leaves in the autumn and daffodils in winter make this a beautiful and healing place all year round. In addition to an adventure park, mini zoo and the grass slope in the park where children can ride downhill on a dedicated sled, you can partake in pottery wheel workshop or paint Raku ceramics. We heartily recommend a game of Nokonokoball, a unique sport in which you use a club and ball (similar to croquet) around nine holes set amid flowers and greenery.
In the area of the flower fields offering panoramas of Hakata Bay are 10 separate cottages. These would be perfectly suited to a workcation, hidden as they are in the quiet of nature and allowing a true retreat from the everyday. Neighboring Nokonoshima Camp Ground is a popular swimming spot in the summer. The white sandy beach is fringed by palms, reminiscent of a tropical island resort. 

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 819-0012 福岡県福岡市西区能古島
Address Nokonoshima, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 092-881-2494(のこのしまアイランドパーク)
Fax Number 092-881-4494
Open Monday through Saturday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Sundays and holidays: 9:00am-6:30pm (same hours as weekdays in winter)
Closed without a holiday
Price 【Admission Fee】 Adults (high school students and older)
Adults (high school students and older): 1,200 yen, Children (elementary and junior high school students): 600 yen, Infants (3 years and older): 400 yen
*Group discounts are available (30 or more people). Various other discounts are available, please check the official website for details.

【Villa Hohito (Cottage) Accommodation Fees】 Reservations required.
Adults: 12,800 yen, Elementary school students: 6,000 yen, Ages 3 and older: 4,000 yen
*Additional accommodation tax 200 yen per person per night
Car Park Fukuoka City Ferry, Meinohama Passenger Waiting Area Parking Lot, 347 spaces, 510 yen/day
Free parking is available at Nonokonoshima Island Park, approximately 400 spaces
Access Ferry (Fukuoka City ferry): 10 minutes from Meinohama ferry terminal to Nokonoshima ferry terminal
Nishitetsu Bus: Get on the Nishitetsu Bus in front of Tenjin Highway Bus Terminal or Hakata Ekimae A or Meinohama Station North Exit, get off at Nokonoshima Ferry Terminal→After arriving at Nokonoshima Ferry Terminal, take Nishitetsu Bus bound for Island Park, about 13 minutes, or a short walk
From Kyushu Expressway Dazaifu IC or Fukuoka IC, transfer to Fukuoka Urban Expressway→Toward Fukushige/Tenjin, get off at Atago ramp (about 25 minutes)→About 10 minutes to Meinohama ferry terminal→Take ferry
Cars are allowed to enter Nokonoshima, but reservations cannot be made for vehicles to board the ferry.
During the best season, extra ferry and bus services are available.
Remarks Wheelchair-accessible restrooms, wheelchair rental, cribs, slopes, guide dogs allowed

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.

Seasonal Flowers Seasonal Flowers

The park is filled with a variety of flowers throughout the year.
The best time to see the flowers is subject to change depending on the weather. Please check the latest information before visiting.

  • rape blossoms in spring-0

    rape blossoms in spring

    Overlooking a field of about 500,000 yellow rape blossoms, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Hakata Bay from Shiga Island to Uminonakamichi.
    Flowering season: Late February to mid-April

  • Spring cherry blossoms (Someiyoshino and Oshima cherry)-1

    Spring cherry blossoms (Someiyoshino and Oshima cherry)

    Enjoy the various spring flowers in full bloom in the park along with over 200 cherry trees.
    Flowering time: late March to early April

  • Spring Livingston Daisy-2

    Spring Livingston Daisy

    About 30,000 Livingston Daisies bloom like a colorful carpet in the flower garden where you can see Genkai Island.
    Flowering season: Early April to mid-May

  • Spring Marigold-3

    Spring Marigold

    Large-flowered and unusual marigolds. You can pick the flowers for free and take home as many as you want. Please bring your own plastic bag.
    Flowering season: late April to late July

  • Summer Sunflowers-4

    Summer Sunflowers

    An event is held where visitors can pick one sunflower for free. It is popular to take home the sunflowers you pick in a bottle of Nokonoshima Original Cider that you have finished drinking.
    Please bring your own gloves and bags to take them home.
    Flowering season: Late July to late August

  • Autumn cosmos-5

    Autumn cosmos

    About 500,000 early-blooming trees and 300,000 late-blooming trees will be at their best one after another.
    Early blooming: early October to mid-October
    Late bloomers: Late October to early November

  • Autumn Dahlia-6

    Autumn Dahlia

    300,000 dahlias bloom on the slope next to the goat park.
    Flowering period: mid-September to late October

  • Winter Japanese narcissus-7

    Winter Japanese narcissus

    About 500,000 fragrant Japanese daffodils bloom with white and yellow flowers.
    Flowering season: January to early February

  • Oxalis in winter-8

    Oxalis in winter

    The flowers of oxalis, which make the ground look like a pure white carpet, are at their best.
    Flowering season: Late November to late February


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