Kinin (Gold Seal) Park


The Gold Seal that Chinese Emperor Guangwu (Later Han Dynasty) presented to a local monarch in the Yayoi Era (400BC - 250AD) is said to have been discovered in this very park! The unearthed gold seal (kinin) was deemed a national treasure and is currently on display in the Fukuoka City Museum.
A memorial plaque has been erected at the entrance of the park where the seal was found. Visitors to the park will also find ancient maps featuring Shikanoshima Island and a poetic tablet with a verse written by ancient Chinese historian Guo Moruo on it. Enjoy the view of Nokonoshima Island and the Genkai Sea, as well as being surrounded by nature and history!

*About the park: Area - 5,849 aquare meters (62,960 square feet)

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 811-0323 福岡県福岡市東区志賀島字古戸1865
Address 1865 Furuto, Shikanoshima, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 092-645-1058(福岡市東区役所)
Contact Fukuoka Hakata Station Tourist Information Center
Access By ferry - 28 minute ride from the Port of Hakata
By bus - Take a Nishitetsu bus to the “Kininzuka” stop; 2 minute walk from there

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