Kubote Museum


The Kubote Museum houses and displays materials related to Mount Kubote, which flourished as a site for Buddhist Tendai sect mountain asceticism from the end of the Heian Era to the early Meiji Era (mid 1180’s - late 1860’s). The museum traces the history of Japan’s mountain worship and serves the role of a research center. The museum’s displays include the National Treasure Dobanhokekyo (The Lotus Sutra on 33 Bronze Plates) and the Sutra Mound Relics (a Designated Important Cultural Asset), as well as an abundance of ritual Buddhist and Shinto statues, ancient documents, and items used in the daily lives of mountain priests. Don’t miss the museum’s permanent exhibition of sutra containers (Designated Important Cultural Assets) and the Dobanhokekyo exhibit from April to October! There are also seasonal and special exhibits in the spring and fall.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県豊前市大字鳥井畑247
Telephone Number 0979-88-3203(求菩提資料館)

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