Akama-juku Festival


Festival at Akama-juku, where the townscape from the Edo period still remains

The Akama Yado Festival is held in the Akama district of Munakata City, which prospered as an inn town on the Karatsu Kaido Road during the Edo period. Akama-juku Street, where sake breweries and other merchant houses still remain, is opened to pedestrians, and old private houses and sake cellars are opened to the public.
Local residents set up stalls and stage events, starting with the Akama Taiko drum performance, are also held. Sake breweries will also open their breweries to the public, offering sake tastings and limited-edition sake for sale.
The "Bride and Groom Procession," the most exciting event of the festival, invites brides and grooms from the general public to participate in a kimono parade. Participants are invited from the public to take part in the "Bride and Groom Procession," in which they parade along the streets dressed as a court official or a town girl, and receive blessings from the people along the way.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 811-4146 福岡県宗像市赤間 唐津街道赤間宿通り
Address Akama, Munakata City, Fukuoka Karatsu Kaido Akama-juku Street
Telephone Number 0940-39-7051(赤間地区コミュニティ運営協議会)
Event Days Usually held in mid to late February
Car Park Temporary parking available
Access Closest Station: JR Kyoiku-daigaku-mae Station
Website https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064791006342&ref=page_internal

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