Big Dipper Water Ladle


The ’Big Dipper Water Ladle’ that looks as though the ladle-shaped stars of the Big Dipper are drawing water from the ocean.

This scenery is only visible at north latitude 33 to 34 degrees when the horizon line is visible to the north, and out of all the locations in the entire world, only certain parts of Northern Kyushu meet these conditions.

Period: September - November

Place: ① Hatsu Coast, OkagakiTown
②Big Dipper Water Ladle Beach Park, 1278-1 Konominato Munakata City

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県
Address Hatsu Okagaki Town Onga County, Konominato Munakata City
Contact ①Big Dipper Tourist Station (Okagaki Tourism Association) ☎093-281-5050 ②Munakata City Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Department ☎0940-36-0037

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