It is the temple of the Soto sect founded in about 1490 byAso HiroshiShigeru . A person [Inoue Suo Korebo] who served the Kurodas 4s feudal lord later revived. I stand still quietly in the forest and am a temple full of the profound historic emotion that seems to be drawn naturally.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 811-4234 福岡県遠賀郡岡垣町大字高倉1154
Address Okagaki Town, Onga County, Fukuoka larger section of a village Takakura 1154
Telephone Number 093-282-0329(龍昌寺)
Contact Ryuushouji
Website http://okagaki-kankou.com/index.php/tour_history/archives/9

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Kitakyushu Area
Shrines & Temples

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