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Learn how to make Hoshino tea and about the various types of tea at the workshop. The café and dining area offer some green tea and light meals such as green tea ice cream and green tea soba noodles. Please experience enjoying the different flavor of green tea.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県八女市星野村10816-5
Address 10816-5, Hoshinomura, Yame City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0943-52-3003(Cha no bunkakan)
Contact chabun@hoshinofurusato.jp
Fax Number 0943-52-3002
On/off season Year round (except holidays)
Website https://www.hoshinofurusato.jp/tea/
Remarks *Teicha Hall: 10:00 am~4:45 pm L.O.
*Dining room Yame Saryo: 11:00 am~2:30 pm L.O.

[Teicha Hall] Menu
Superlative Shizuku tea set (Shizuku tea experience): 800 yen~ 
Shizuku tea (green tea): 500 yen~
Matcha set: 550 yen
Green tea: 356 yen

[Yame Saryo] Menu
Tea soba noodles: 713 yen
Rikyumeshi rice: 713 yen
Gyokuro curry: 1,170 yen
Matcha ice cream: 407 yen
Hojicha ice cream: 407 yen

All prices include tax.

Product Overview

Details Try the many tea-related experiences, such as making matcha and green tea, drinking shizuku tea (green tea), and comparing the tastes of different tea leaves.

Yamecha Kobo (Experience Menu, Workshop/Activity)
・Stone-milled powdered green tea (20 min.)
・Making hojicha tea (20 min.)
・Hand-massaged green tea making (40 min.)
・Tea ceremony *From 5 persons (40 min.)
・Tea brewing lesson (40 min.)
・Make Japanese sweets (30 min.)
Reservation for Experience ・Same-day application (for making powdered green tea and hojicha tea and hand-made green tea making)
・Reservation required at least 5 days in advance (tea ceremony and tea brewing lesson) *5 or more people
・Reservation required at least 7 days in advance (Japanese sweets-making) *5 or more people
(Note: Acceptance of applications for making Japanese sweets is currently suspended (as of 2022. Jan.12).

【Application, reservations and inquiries】
Phone (Japanese), Fax and E-mail (English available)

【Cancellation Fee】
No need to apply on site on the day of the event.
Confirmation required for reservations.
Date & Time Yamecha Tea Workshop 10:00 am~noon, 1:00 pm~3:30 pm

Tuesdays, but open on national holidays, summer vacation season, and New Year's holidays
Experience Fee ■Same-day reservations accepted.
・Matcha grinding: 500 yen
(materials, instruction fee, take-out container)
・Hojicha making 500 yen
(materials, instruction fee, take-out container)
・Hand-rolled tea making: 1,000 yen
(materials, instruction fee, take-out container)

■Advance reservations required
・Tea ceremony: 800 yen
(Materials and gift items for full scorers)*From 5 people
・Tea brewing lesson: 600 yen
(materials, instruction fee, confectionery)*From 5 people
・Making Japanese sweets: 1,500 yen
(materials for 2 pieces, instruction fee, matcha fee, take-out container)*From 5 people
(Note: Making Japanese sweets plan has been cancelled (as of 2022. Jan. 12)

*For less than 5 persons
・Tea ceremony 4,000 yen
・Tea brewering lesson 3,000 yen
・Making Japanese sweets 7,500 yen

*Tax included in the price.

On-site settlement (cash, PayPay)

Materials, instruction, and take-out container fees
*Tea ceremony has gift item for full scorers.
Tea brewing lesson and Shizuku Tea experience include (Japanese) confectionery fee.
Multilingual Information Display Japanese
*E-mails can be sent in English.
*Experience and other instruction manuals are available in English.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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