Michi no Eki Koishiwara Roadside Station


Michi no Eki Koishiwara Roadside Station (rest stop) is right beside Koishiwara village office along national highway 211. The rest stop is made up of many different shops which sell local specialty products like Koishiwara pottery. Hungry? Stop by the restaurant Kodachi and have a taste of the town! As it would be expected for a village known for Koishiwara pottery, Michi no Eki Koishiwara Roadside Station has an unique image for a kiln. In addition to this, the abundant agricultural produce of Toho Village and Hita are regularly sold out by midday. Unique merchandise like handmade bread and pickles, yuzu (Japanese citron) pepper, rice crackers in the shape of pottery and handmade miso make great gifts! ” We have many products to choose from, so please have a look!”, according to Mr. Keizo Kajiwara, the manager. Whether it be for shopping, a break or to look for gifts, please drop by at Michi no Eki Koishiwara Roadside Station!

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 838-1601 福岡県朝倉郡東峰村小石原941-3
Address 941-3 Koishiwara, Toho Village, Asakura County, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0946-74-2300(道の駅小石原)
Contact Michi no Eki Koishiwara Roadside Station
Fax Number 0946-74-2300
Open April to October: 9am till 6pm
November to March: 9am till 5pm
Restaurant: 10am till 6pm
Closed Open year round
Price Handmade bread: From around 100 yen
Tofu manjyu (steamed bun): 4 for 380 yen
Tohomura hoshuyamasan takana manjyu (steamed buns): 3 for 300 yen
Obachan miso: 650 yen
Yuzutamaya miso (handmade miso with Japanese citron): 400 yen
Car Park Parking for 40 cars
Access A 25 minute drive from Haki Interchange off the Oita Expressway
Website https://toho.main.jp/michinoekikoishiwara/#gsc.tab=0

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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