Takatori Ware


Takatori ware is one of the Seven Favorite Ceramic Styles of Enshu (an influential aristocrat, artist, and master of the tea ceremony during the early to mid 1600’s). The traditional craft with a history of over 400 years began when Kuroda Nagamasa (domain lord of Fukuoka from 1600 - 1623) brought Korean potter P’alsan back to Japan with him after the Battles of Bunroku and Keicho; a kiln was opened for P’alsan at the base of the Takatori mountain. The ware gained prominence as the preferred kiln of the Kuroda clan and has continued for 15 generations!

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 814-0011 福岡県朝倉郡東峰村小石原962-1(高取焼鬼丸雪山窯)
Address 1-26-62-1 Takatori, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka City
Telephone Number 0946-74-2810(高取焼振興会)
Contact Takatoriyaki Kamei Miraku
Car Park Available
Access By Subway - a 8 minute walk from Fujisaki Station on the Kuko Line of the Fukuoka City Subway
Website http://www.takatoriyaki.jp/history_en.html

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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