Nogata-Kama/Chikuho Area Route-1

Nogata-Kama/Chikuho Area Route

【Route Length】Approx. 110 km
Via KawaraApprox. 71 km /Via IizukaApprox. 39 km*
【Elevation】Approx. 923 m
Via KawaraApprox. 923 m /Via IizukaApprox. 307 m*
* Route from Nogata Station to sleepy cafe nico
A route where you can enjoy the scenery of the Onga River and Chikuho area, along with delicious sweets

After enjoying the Onga River cycling route, have fun seeing the sites of Chikuho such as Kaho Theater, Coal Commemorative Park, Mt. Fukuchi and Mt. Kawara, to experience Chikuho's towns, history, and also the beautiful nature. Along the way, enjoy gelato, chocolate, and seasonal fruit parfaits. This is a region with many desserts and sweet options, making it a perfect route for gourmet sampling and riding.



*This information is accurate as of December 2019.

①Tamagon Kobo Tamago Gohan Cafe

Offering the delicious and trustworthy freshly laid "Genki Tamagon" eggs, along with hot, fresh-cooked homegrown rice made with organic fertilizer and natural growing methods, try the "tamago kake gohan" (egg on rice) bowl - just 390 yen for all-you-can-eat! The specially made soy sauce draws out the best of all the fresh flavors. At the market stall you can buy premium select eggs, sweets, local vegetables, and other items. This has become an unmissable stop in Iizuka's tourist scene! All items are also available via the online shop, so definitely take a look!


②Fukuchi Town Library and Historical Archives - Fukuchinochi

Opened in March 2017, this is Fukuchi Town's first library and also its historical archives. Fukuchinochi is so much more than simply a library. There is a community cafe inside the building called "Tosho-pan", and it is a beautiful space just to drop by and enjoy. There is free wi-fi throughout the building, making it a great place to relax.

③Hojo Onsen Fujiyu-no-Sato

The free-flowing hot spring water here is highly regarded. From the spacious open-air bath known as "Yamahoshi", enjoy views of Mt. Fukuchi, and from the "Lilac" bath, enjoy views of Nogata. At night the vast starry sky stretches overhead. With facilities such as a rest area, restaurant, and massage room, this is a great place to enjoy a good rest.

④Michi-no-Eki Kawara Roadside Station

With the slogan, "Lots of Smiles, Delicious Station", this roadside station offers fresh and trustworthy local produce and items grown with love by the locals in the area.

⑤Fruit Kobo Efu

This restaurant's incredibly popular parfait is made with an abundant amount of seasonal fruits picked fresh at Matsuki Kajuen Orchard. All the ice creams and jams are homemade. It is very popular that lines form on weekends and holidays. Fruit picking is also an option at the orchard located just next door.

⑥Genjii no Mori

Surrounded by the magnificent natural world that changes with the seasons, enjoy the quiet passing of time along with seasonal luxuries. Pottery workshops are available by reservation.

⑦Michi-no-Eki Oto Sakura Kaido Roadside Station

The farmers market offers fresh produce, seafood, and locally made items daily, and along with the excellent restrooms and restaurants, you can also enjoy the hot spring facilities with indoor, outdoor, and scented baths. For those with families, enjoy time together in the plaza as well as the amusement park that includes coin-operated rides, for a total of three fun facilities.

⑧Tagawa City Coal Commemorative Park

At the park, you can see the twin chimneys and the pit shaft, which can be said to be the symbols of the town, on the former site of the Mitsui Tagawa Mining Plant Ita Shaft, which was the largest in the Chikuho area. Inside the park, visit the Tagawa City Coal Mining Historical Museum, which owns and displays works of the “Yamamoto Sakubei Collection”, the first Japanese work to be listed on UNESCO’s “Memories of the World” list. Out in the park, take a look at large heavy machinery that was used for coal mining, along with a re-creation of a coal miner's house.

⑨Sleepy Cafe Nico

The cafe owners hope to bring a smile to the faces of all, old and young, who visit this relaxing and natural space. It is so relaxing that it is likely you might just nod off to sleep while you're here. Enjoy both the delicious cooking and the scenery of the changing seasons.

⑩Ozuka Kofun Burial Mound Museum

This keyhole-shaped mound was made in the mid-6th century, and the inside tomb is painted with a richly beautiful pattern. Designated as a National Treasure, along with the Takamatsuzuka Tomb and the Kitora Tomb in Nara prefecture , this is one of Japan's top three "Soshoku Kofun" (decorated tombs). 5 distinct colors - red, black, green, white and yellow - were used to create patterns, and the tomb itself is very complex and elaborate. The tomb is only opened to the public twice a year in spring and fall, but at the museum, a full-scale replica is on display for visitors to enter and experience the tomb.

⑪Kaho Theater

Out of the roughly 50 theaters that were around at the time of Fukuoka's Chikuho Coalfield closing, a coalfield that was key to Japan's modernization during the Meiji era, only Kaho Theater has survived. Having overcome various troubles including natural disasters, it still stands today. In 2007 it was designated as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization Site by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

⑫Cacao Kenkyujo

The first-ever "bean to bar" specialty chocolate shop in Kyushu that processes cacao beans to chocolate as the finished product. In the shop full of the delicious aromas of chocolate, from drinks made using the chocolate fountain faucet, to chocolate items using local ingredients and Japanese sweets-making techniques, we welcome you into a new world of chocolate.

⑬Gelato Milk Batake

On offer daily are 13 varieties of gelato made with locally sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables. In order to best showcase the natural ingredients and flavors, there are gelatos with fruit chunks, gelatos that are a little bitter, and some that are a little sour, among others.


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