Kitakyushu (Moji)-Keichiku Route-1

Kitakyushu (Moji)-Keichiku Route

【Route Length】Approx. 89 km
【Elevation】Approx. 323 m
A route full of all the charm of the Kitakyushu and Keichiku areas, from the ocean to the countryside, and historical towns

The loveliness of the tranquil country roads, the exhilarating feeling of riding over the ocean on the Kitakyushu Airport Connecting Bridge, and the history of the Mojiko Retro area - this route takes you through the most charming parts of the Kitakyushu/Keichiku area. You can also use this route as part of a long-distance ride to Oita or Yamaguchi.



*This information is accurate as of December 2019.
There are many tunnels on this route.

①Mojiko Retro

Buildings built in the Meiji and Taisho eras are beautifully preserved in this area. Starting with the wooden Mojiko Station, the buildings built in a nostalgic Taisho style now seem exotic and unique.

②Kitakyushu Airport Connecting Bridge

With a span of 2100m, it is one of the longest bridges you can cross for free. The serene arc of the bridge stretches to the airport, and the elegant design contrasts with the challenge of cycling in the strong winds. Cycling across the bridge above the sea is an exhilarating sensation not to be missed.

③Imagawa Cycling Road

A flat, easy cycling road that runs for 4.5km through the center of Yukuhashi City. Enjoy views of the countryside, and the thousands of cherry blossoms on both sides in the spring are incredible. In spring, the town is bustling with tourists enjoying the spectacle of the bright canola flowers and cherry blossoms.

④Yukuhashi Flower & Garden Shop

Adults and children alike will enjoy this roofed gardening and flower shop in Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka. At the adjoining Cafe BambiNa, the fluffy pancakes are popular and it’s a recommended stop for lunch.

⑤Santoku Ramen

Using their secret special soup recipe for a broth that is both mild and rich, this ramen shop's "Miso Sauce Oden" is universally loved and has continued to be a favorite side dish to go along with the ramen for everyone in Yukuhashi City.

Cycling Road Entrance

Turn off from National Route 58 onto Imagawa Cycling Road

Cycling Road Exit

Turn off from endpoint of the cycling road onto the regular road

⑥Miyako Farmers Market Kokufu no Sato

Locally harvested fruits and vegetables are sold here, with the motto of "Fresh, Trustworthy & Good Value". A good place to stop for a snack or dessert while cycling. Right next door is Miyako Desserts for both eat-in and takeaway delicious sweets options.

⑦Metase no Mori, Chikujo Town Product Hall

A restful clearing in the middle of Metasequoia glyptostroboides. Shops here sell local souvenirs from Chikujo Town, and there is also a large grassy area. Enjoy both relaxing and shopping in one place.

⑧Michi-no-Eki Buzen Okoshikake Roadside Station

Buzen Okoshikake Roadside Station offers restrooms and a large parking area that can accommodate 76 cars and 10 large trucks. This rest area is not just a place for truck drivers and guests to rest, but also a place to get meals and buy some souvenirs and local produce.

⑨Michi no Eki Shinyoshitomi Roadside Station

Located on the border between Fukuoka and Oita prefectures and right next to the former site of the Dainose Kangai Ruins, this is a very historic roadside station. In the product center, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lemon tarts and lemon cakes made with the locally grown Koge Town lemons.


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