Kurume-Ukiha Area Route-1

Kurume-Ukiha Area Route

【Route Length】Approx. 77 km
【Elevation】Approx. 132 m
Enjoy the evening sun over the Chikugo River along with rural landscapes and orchards on this satisfying route

Cutting across Midori-no-Sato Mino Scenic Kaido Road, with the Mino Mountain Range as an incredible natural backdrop, this is a route where you can feel the history of the bustling Bungo Kaido Road. With many orchards in the area, you can enjoy the aromas of the fruits as you ride. The sun sinking into the Chikugo River is an exceptional sight.



*This information is accurate as of December 2019.

Cycling Road Entrance

From the public road to the park

Cycling Road Exit

From the cycling road, cross the embankment toward the public road

①Hotomeki no Sato Michi no Eki Kurume Roadside Station

The Farmers Market offers fresh, locally sourced fruit and vegetables for extra peace of mind, and the energetic staff aim to give every visitor the best hospitality. The produce for sale and the output of the market is top class among the markets within Fukuoka Prefecture. Aside from the farmers market, you can also browse the bento lunch boxes, pickles, baked goods, handicrafts, locally made sake, Kurume ramen, Kurume Ikat, and other local products.

②Kurume Sekai no Tsubakikan

At Kusano-machi known as a Camellia Garden, you can enjoy a lot of rare and beautiful camellia varieties that are not grown anywhere else. This is also where the record boards and trophies are displayed for the Kurume Tsubaki Cup, a hill climb race for cyclists. You can also get tourist information and buy souvenirs here.

③Migita Orchard

With the Mino Mountain Range ridgeline as a backdrop, this orchard has been a vanguard in fruit tourism, offering persimmon picking experiences for roughly 50 years. Now, they also offer fig, peach, olive, and blueberry picking experiences as well. Enjoy fruit picking as well as all kinds of workshops for you to try.

④Tanushimaru Furusato Kaikan (Tanushimaru Station)

This is a very popular spot for social media photos, loved by all as the "Kappa Station". Statues and objects shaped like kappas, imaginary duck-like creatures, can be found around the station and on the platforms. At the "KAPATERIA" cafe inside the building, enjoy light meals, smoothies, and sweets made with locally sourced ingredients.

⑤The Ukiha Inari Shrine

The diety of Ukiha Inari Shrine is said to be diety of prosperity for businesses, bountiful harvests, sake brewing and health, long life, and scholarship. If you climb the hill and go through the torii gate, you will be rewarded with beautiful views. It is also a famous spot for cherry blossoms in the springtime.


Resident concierges provide tourism information at the Ukiha Information Center. A great base for your travels in Ukiha where you can take a rest or have a meal in the rest area and nursing corner, and also get some good tourist information for Ukiha.

⑦Shirakabe-dori Avenue

Yoshii Town flourished as an inn town on the Bungo Kaido Road during the Edo Period. Now known as National Route 210, the “Shirakabe” white-walled merchant houses line the old Bungo Kaido Road, and they have weathered several big fires to remain today. The view of these houses has also gained it the moniker of "Kurashiki of the West".

⑧Chikugo River Cycling Road

This cycling road takes a course along the biggest river of Kyushu, the Chikugo River, and has few changes in gradient. Enjoy views of the Mino Mountain Range while riding the 27.4km course between Yoshiimachi, Ukiha City and Aikawamachi, Kurume City. You can see Harazuru Onsen and Yamada Weir along the way, as well as sunset views of the Chikugo River.


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