Munakata-Nogata Route-1

Munakata-Nogata Route

【Route Length】Approx. 39 km
【Elevation】Approx. 54 m
From ocean vistas to the Onga River, a route where you can enjoy the changing scenery

Fukuoka's world-class cycling road runs close by the ocean for many kilometers, with only a few pedestrians. After arriving at the Onga River section, enjoy the beautiful vistas of bright yellow canola flowers in spring, and the swaying cosmos flowers in the fall. The road also passes by some World Heritage Sites.



*This information is accurate as of December 2019.

Cycling Road Entrance

From the back of Michi-no-Eki Munakata Roadside Station, toward the Cycling Road

Cycling Road Exit

Partway along the Cycling Road, turn onto National Route 300

①Orihata Shrine

One of the five Munakata shrines, dedicated to the statesman Takenouchi-no-Sukune, there's a shoe burial mound for the shoe he left behind when he ascended, and to the side of the temple path, there is a large monolith that is linked to the legend of the sunken temple bell. If you climb up the temple grounds, you can see panoramic views of Kanezaki Port.

Cycling Road Entrance

Turn off the Cycling Road, onto the coastal road

②Okagaki Town Tourist Information Center

At the “Okagaki-machi Sightseeing Station Hokuto Shichisei” in front of the Hatsu Coast, the tourist association staff will show you the charms of the town. The facility has rest rooms, hot water shower, coin lockers, etc. In the summer, they rent barbecue sets , and offer sea houses. Thoughout the year they rent bicycles.

③Onga Munakata Cycling Road

This cycling road runs along the coastline, connecting Munakata City and Onga District. This is one of only a few roads in the prefecture that runs right alongside the ocean, and you can enjoy ocean views and fresh sea breezes all year long. Rental cycles are available and it's a nice place to cycle with your family as the cycling road is only open to bicycles and pedestrians.

Cycling Road Exit

From the cycling road, go past the park and then veer off onto the main road

④Airplane Photography Spot

A good spot for taking photos of the aircraft taking off from and landing at the Japan Self-Defense Force’s Ashiya Air Base. The Ashiya Air Base Festival in the fall is also a great time for enthusiasts to enjoy planes and displays.

Offered by Ashiya Airbase

⑤Ashiya Town Tourist Information Center

The tourist information center for Ashiya Town. Bicycle rental is also available here. In July and August, the pool is open, and you can enjoy Fukuoka Prefecture's longest water slide (120m), or a dip in the ocean.

Cycling Road Exit

Turn off of National Route 27 onto the cycling road

⑥Onga Sports Park

A park with a variety of sports facilities including a community center, gymnasium, and a multi-use sports ground.

⑦Boulangerie Lune Lapin

A cute bread shop with an orange facade and a robot statue at the entrance. Known for their special soft dough shaped like Japanese anime characters and other cute items, they also serve a great variety of snack, loaves of bread and sweets, for both eat-in and take-out.

⑧Nakama City Regional Exchange Center

This is the tourist information center for Nakama City, and also has exhibits related to the World Heritage Site Onga River Pumping Station and local products and souvenirs on sale. Food is allowed in the rest area on the first floor, so take your time and enjoy a bento box lunch from the shop Sakurakan located just next door.
Also available are cycle stands, pumps, and other items that cyclists will appreciate. The second floor has rental spaces such as meeting rooms and kitchens available for anyone to use.

⑨Onga River Pumping Station

Registered as a World Heritage site in 2015. Opened for operations in 1910. Even though the power system has been converted from steam operation to electricity, it still remains in operation for more than 100 years. There are modern benches and information boards installed, and the pumping station is a very Instagram-worthy photo spot.

⑩Giant Store, Nogata

This bicycle store boasts an 83-year history and exclusively sells Giant brand sports cycles. They are ready to support customers who are just getting into cycling with a range of services. Using easy to understand language, even beginners will find it simple to enjoy cycling life with the staff members' kind help.

⑪Mochidango-mura Nogata Main Shop

At Mochikichi, gourmet rice crackers are made using specially selected premium domestically grown rice and rich mineral water drawn from the springs located 1,000m underground, along with very controlled steam methods. You can buy senbei rice crackers, and sweet dango dumplings here at the main shop. Also located on these tranquil grounds are a tofu kobo workshop, rice cracker shrine, and the Triple Water Wheels.

⑫Handmade Natural Yeast Bread Shop Komugi Biyori

Carefully making the yeast for our bread by hand, we make bread that brings joy to the soul and the body. Those with allergies are also catered to and can make their selections with peace of mind.


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