Buzen-Toho Route-1

Buzen-Toho Route

【Route Length】Approx. 61 km
【Elevation】Approx. 1,599 m
At an elevation of more than 1,500m! Fukuoka's most difficult!? Mt. Hiko range route

After climbing Mt.Kubote, known as a sacred place for the Shugendo Buddhist sect, enjoy all that Mt.Hiko has to offer as a sacred mountain worshipped at since ancient times on this route that is the most difficult mountainous route of Fukuoka. With springs and waterfalls to see and animals to encounter along the way, this is definitely the definition of adventure. The scenery of the mountains, which look different season by season, and the mountain village of Toho Village, known for Koishiwara pottery, are also attractive.



*This information is accurate as of December 2019.

①Kubote Onsen Bokusen-no-Sato

Boasting an open-air bath with a very expansive view of Mt. Kubote and the lovely greenery, the scenery from the ladies' bath, in particular, is spectacular. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the healing waters while the views of the peaceful hills delight in every season.

②Makinohara Campground

Located inside Yaba-Hita-Hikosan Quasi-National Park, this nature-rich campground was selected as one of the top 100 Shinrin Forest Bathing spots in Fukuoka Prefecture. Definitely recommended for families with kids. A wide variety of facilities are available, including mountain cabins, bungalows, and accommodations with showers, Japanese-style baths, and cooking facilities. During the day, it's possible to barbeque or fish at the nearby Kii River.

③Jabuchi Forest Village

This campground was selected as one of the top 100 Shinrin Forest Bathing spots in Fukuoka Prefecture. At an altitude of 400m, it feels so comfortable, even in the summer when fresh breezes cool everything down. In order for everyone to enjoy the campground, a "Day Campground" area has been set up for those who come out on day trips.


This is a cafe and souvenir shop located at an altitude of 634m. Inside the natural-feeling, open-plan store, you can order seasonal curry sets and meal sets made with local produce. Also on offer are exceptional cheesecakes and sweets made with the local Hikosan tofu, so please enjoy a relaxing time here.

⑤Hikosan Jingu - Copper Torii Gate

This is a very rare torii gate compared to others throughout Japan, as it was constructed out of copper by Saga domain lord Nabeshima Katsushige in 1637. In 1939, it was designated by the country as an Important Cultural Property.


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