Tashiro Furyu (Hachiryu Shrine)

田代風流 (八龍神社)

The origin of Tashiro Furyu is said to date back to 1773, when the 7th Yanagawa Domain lord, Tachibana Akinao, ordered the Hachiryu Shrine (in which the guardian god of the Tashiro area, the thunder god, is enshrined) to be rebuilt. When it was completed, Akinao himself paraded and devoted Furyu (a musical and dance performing art) to the shrine.
Even now, on Hachiryu Shrine’s annual festival date of December 8, men devote Furyu to the god in the shrine’s grounds after parading through town wearing colorful costume made for women as if they were in a feudal lord’s procession. The dance is known as a fun traditional event in which the unique, clown-like dancing to musical accompaniment by Japanese flute and drums draws observers’ laughter and cheers.
(Municipally-Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Asset)

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 834-1205 福岡県八女市黒木町田代
Address Tashiro, Kurogi Town, Yame City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0943-23-1982(八女市文化振興課文化振興係)
Contact Yame City Office
Event Days December 8
Car Park Available; 100 vehicles (Free)
Access About a 1 hour drive OR about an 80 minute bus ride from JR Hainuzuka Station

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