Kaki Goya (Oyster Hut)


Itoshima oysters - a product of Itoshima’s rich greens and ocean.
Itoshima draws many visitors in the winter season when some 20 oyster huts open their doors within the city’s six regions.
Served at those huts are oysters, sea snails, squid, and various other seafood straight out of the ocean. The most popular choice in Itoshima is do-it-yourself charcoal grilling, and most of the establishments allow their customers to bring in their own alcoholic beverage, homemade sauce, rice, condiments and various other items. This creates a homey, welcoming atmosphere among dining customers and quite popular among the visitors.

* Price and permitted bring-in items vary depending on the establishment. Please check with your prospective location.
* Location: four in Fukuyoshi, one in Fukae, three in Kafuri, eight in Funakoshi, 13 in Shimakishi, and two in Nogita (no dining).
* While supplies last for some locations. Please be advised.
* Dates: late October - late March

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県糸島市
Address Kafuri, Nijo, Shima
Telephone Number 092-328-2311(JF糸島カキ養殖部会岐志本所)
Contact JF Itoshima, Oyster Farming Division at the Shimakishi Main Office
Open Late October - late March
Price * Market value/price for oysters throughout all establishments; however, the pricing on side dish items and others vary depending on the location.
* Please contact each prospective location for more.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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