The 12th Jojima Sake-Kaido ( breweries along the street ) Festival

第12回 城島郷 酒街道をゆく

Enjoy drinking at Jojima sake breweries !!

Free shuttle buses take you to sake breweries in Jojima Town. In this event, you can enjoy Jojima Sake and Jojima’s streetscapes enjoying sake drinking to your heart's content. Go around the breweries at you own pace. 

Special Events to Commemorate the Fukuoka-Oita Destination Campaign
 ◆ Enjoy “Etsu”, Jojima’s specialty !
   Etsu is a type of sardines with the length of around 30 to 40 cm, only available around this area and in this season !
     < Venue : Chikushi no Homare brewery >

   ◆ Song performance of “"Chikushi Sake Brewing Song" and the exhibition of "Jojima sake brewery story”
     < Venue : Sake no Takeya shop >

【Sake Breweries to participate】
Ikegame, Chikushi no Homare, Hana no Tsuyu, Hiyokutsuru, Mizuho Nishiki

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県久留米市城島町
Address Johjima-cho, Kurume City
Telephone Number 0942-62-2115(城島総合支所産業振興課)
Event Days May 18th (Sat.) and 25th (Sat.), 2024
Open 10:00~16:00
Price 1,500 yen for "Drink Comparison Ticket". With this ticket you can drink up to 11 glasses of sake.
Access Get off at Daizenji Station (West Exit) on the Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line or Kurume Station (West Exit) on the JR Line, and take the free shuttle bus that goes around breweries and sponsor stores from both stations. From both stations, take the free shuttle bus that travels to the breweries and sponsor shops, or use the local bus (for a fee).
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*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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