My own freshly picked fruit ride


Combined experience of seasonal fruit and cycling

Try seasonal fruit picking in Okagaki Town and baking using fruit. Then, go cycling while enjoying the rich natural scenery to refresh your body and soul.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県遠賀郡岡垣町大字原670-34
Address 670-34 Oaza Hara, Okagaki Town, Onga County, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 093-281-5050(Okagaki Town Tourist Association)
Fax Number 093-281-5055
On/off season During fruit picking periods

Product Overview

Details Bike to a tourist farm where you can pick fresh seasonal fruits. Next, go to a local sweets store and make desserts using your freshly picked fruits.

Total travel distance is about 15km.
Tourist Association → Orchard → Fruit confectionery making experience → Tourist Association
Visitors can ride electric bicycles with a guide through the countryside and along the riverbanks so that they can enjoy the scenery. The burden of transportation is not stressful.

Kyoho grapes (Okagaki Town's specialty variety) are scheduled for August - September, and mandarin oranges for October - November.
Eligible Person Electric bicycles with 26-inch tires are intended for people who can ride bicycles (probably elementary school students or older).
However, this can be changed to a road bike if requested.
Reservation for Experience Inquiry is necessary

【How to Apply】
Reservation by phone or via website

【Cancellation Fee】
2 days before the participation date: free of charge, 1 day before the
participation date: 50% of the participation fee. If there is no contact on the day of the participation date: 100% of the participation fee
Date & Time Varies depending on the seasonal fruit.

【Closed】Please inquire (planned for periods when fruit picking is not available)
Experience Fee Fruit Ride: 3,000–3,500 yen (2022 summer and onward)
(Includes bicycle rental, guide fee, damage insurance fee, and pastry making experience)
Fruit picking is an extra charge (varies depending on fruit).
(For take-out: 1 kg of grapes for 1,000 yen and 1 kg of mandarin oranges for 250 yen, )

※Fruit picking fees will be charged separately as it is subject to change depending on the volume of fruit you pick or take home.

※Fruit Ride experience fee includes 5% sales commission

For visits in 2022, advance (and post) cash settlement is requested at each site.
PayPay is now available via the tourism association.

Bicycle rental, guide fee, fruit pastry making experience, damage insurance
Multilingual Information Display Portions of the association website is also displayed in English, Chinese, and Korean.
Guide and product brochures are in Japanese only.

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


Kitakyushu Area
Fruit Picking

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