Munakata Taisha Shrine Okitsu-miya

宗像大社 沖津宮

Okitsu-miya is a shrine on the island of Okinoshima. It is dedicated to Tagori Hime-no-Kami, the ’mikogami’ of Amaterasu-omikami and the eldest of the 3 main Japanese goddesses. It is absolutely forbidden to take anything at all off the island, which means the island looks the same now as it did long ago. Around 80,000 precious sacred treasures have been excavated on the island, and all of them have been designated as national treasures; because of their high quality and scale, it is sometimes called the ”Shosoin of the Ocean” (Shosoin is a famous treasure hall), and in the fall of 2008 the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs added it to the World Heritage Tentative List. The entire island itself is the object of worship at this shrine, and aside from the singular Grand Festival held each year, entry to the island is forbidden. Normal people may apply, but women are forbidden from applying, and only 250 people from those who apply will be allowed to enter the island. If you are unable to visit the shrine, there is the Munakata Taisha Okitsu-miya Yohai-sho where on days with good weather you can see the beautiful sight of Okinoshima.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県宗像市沖ノ島
Address Okinoshima, Munakata City
Telephone Number 0940-62-1311(宗像大社 社務所)
Contact Munakata Taisha Business Office
Open None
※The entire island itself is the object of worship so you may not go on it
Closed ※Entry is forbidden aside from the once-yearly on-site Grand Festival
※Women are not allowed at the on-site Grand Festival
Price None
Car Park None
Access ※Individuals interested in a visit should apply for the Grand Festival (Women prohibited/selection by raffle)

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