Munakata-taisha Nakatsu-gu Shrine

宗像大社 中津宮

Let's get the blessing of marriage! Birthplace of the Tanabata Legend

Located on Oshima Island in Munakata City, Munakata Okinoshima Island is a component of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of "Island of Gods" Munakata/ Okinoshima Island and Related Properties. It sits across the sea from the Munakata Taisha Hetsugu Shrine on the main island of Kyushu.
The Nakatsugu Shrine enshrines Tagitsuhime no Kami, the second of the three princesses of Amaterasu no Omikami, the Great Amaterasu.
The Milky Way flows through the shrine grounds, and the Shokujo Shrine is on the hill to the left of the shrine and the Kengyu Shrine is on the hill to the right. Known as the birthplace of the romantic Tanabata legend, which revolves around the Milky Way, the shrine is revered by young people who wish for a good marriage.
Every August, a Tanabata festival that has been held since the Kamakura period is held, and during the period when the main shrine is decorated with Tanabata decorations, limited red seals are distributed. In addition, an annual "Grand Festival" is held in the spring to pray for a good catch of fish and a bountiful harvest, and in the fall to give thanks for the harvest.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 811-3701 福岡県宗像市大島1811
Address 1811 Oshima, Munakata City, Fukuoka
Telephone Number 0940-72-2007
Open All day
Closed None
Car Park 7 units
Access ·From Togo Station on the JR Kagoshima Main Line, take the Nishitetsu Bus (bound for Konominato Wharf) and alight at the Konominato Wharf stop.
·From Kamiminato Port, take the passenger boat "Shiokaze" (approx. 15 minutes) or ferry "Oshima" (approx. 25 minutes) to Oshima Port.
Remarks Munakata Taisha Social Affairs Office
2331 Tajima, Munakata-shi, Fukuoka

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