Oshima Orihime Shrine and Kengyu Shrine of the Amanogawa Legend


Orihime-jinja, a shrine which worships Orihime, the weaver girl referred to in the Amanogawa Legend, is on top of the hill on the left facing Nakatsumiya Shrine across the Amanogawa River on the grounds of Munakata Taisha and Nakatsumiya Shrines. Then, on top of the hill on the right is Kengyu-jinja, which enshrines Kengyu, Orihime’s lover. Together these two shrines are called star palaces and they tell a romantic legend about the Amanogawa (Milky Way).

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 811-3701 福岡県宗像市大島1811
Address 1811 Oshima, Munakata City
Telephone Number 0940-72-2211
Contact Munakata City Commerce and Industry Tourism Division Official in charge of island development
Car Park Parking available at Nakatsumiya Shrine(7 spaces)
Parking available at Konominato Port (560 spaces)
Access (1) From major stations to Togo Station
JR Kagoshima Main Line to “Togo Station” is about 30 minutes from ”JR Hakata Station,” about 40 minutes from ”JR Kokura Station” by express
(2) From Togo Station to Konominato Port
Get off the train at JR Togo Station and take a bus for Fukuma (via Konominato), about 20 minutes to ”Konominato Wharf”
(3) From Konominato to Oshima Island
“Shiokaze” municipal ferry or “Oshima” ferry to Oshima Port ※ there is a ferry timetable
(boat ride time: about 15 minutes by Shiokaze, 25 minutes by Oshima)
Website http://www.munakata-taisha.or.jp/html/access.html

*Information on facilities is subject to change. Please check each official website for the latest information.


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