“The Sacred Island of Okinoshima ” Spiritual Cruise

A special one-day excursion to a world heritage site by Queen Beetle

A one-day special cruise where you can tour around the World Heritage Site “The Sacred Island of Okinoshima ” on a luxury jet ferry “Queen Beetle”. On the way heading to Okinoshima ”, a special program will be aired featuring “sea”, “nature” and “life” created by modern artists and creators where they express their feelings toward “The Sacred Island of Okinoshima ” in words and music.

Basic Information

Address (Japanese) 福岡県宗像市沖ノ島
Address Okinoshima, Munakata CIty, Fukuoka
Contact Munakata Tourist Association
Event Days October 27, 2023 (Friday)
Open 8:00 Meet at Hakata Port International Terminal ▶ 8:30 Departure ▶ Okinoshima Tour ▶ 11:50 Hakata Port ▶ Lunch on the Bus ▶ Munakata Taisha ▶ 17:30 Arrival at Hakata Station
Price 9,800yen/person (Includes special souvenir)
Website https://okinoshima-cruise.jp/
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